Nature as desginer


I'm Melani, an interior designer originally from Argentina and currently based in Denmark.

Step into the world of "Nature As Designer," where I take you on a journey through my work as a biophilic and sustainable interior designer.

My passion lies in reconnecting people with nature. I bring the outdoors inside by incorporating biomimicry into my designs, playing with colors, shapes, and materials that echo the beauty of the natural world.
Additionally, I breathe new life into restored furniture and materials, giving them a fresh purpose as functional, unique pieces in your space.

Complementing my services, I offer plant care & maintenance, and window illustrations featuring natural scenes.

The roots of my love for nature run deep, planted by my grandmother during my childhood. Her admiration has become the guide behind my work.

This is my journey, and as it unfolds, I aim to add more value to this project. Stay tuned for workshops and new services as I continue to acquire knowledge and skills.

Welcome to "Nature As Designer" – where creativity meets sustainability!